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Quality leader in the loan business [INTERVIEW]


Creamfinance brands, and, have won Consumer Quality Leader 2019 medal. This distinction is awarded to the best, in consumers’ opinion, brands operating on the Polish market. Customers appreciated us for speed, low cost, easy availability and for not creating unnecessary formal problems. It is a confirmation that hard work and persistence in action bring results and are noticed by our customers in all areas.

Konsumencki Lider Jakości

Creamfinance was awarded the Consumer Quality Leader 2019 medal. What does this distinction mean to you?

Krzysztof Kowalski, Managing Director Creamfinance Poland: The award is a token of appreciation for the work done by our team of more than 130 people who currently work in the Creamfinance office in Poland. What makes it even more valuable is that this was awarded by the customers – the very people who are the reason we come to work in the mornings. So, on the one hand, it is a confirmation that hard work and consistent actions pay off, and our brands – and – are not only becoming more and more recognizable but they also evoke positive associations among customers. On the other hand, it strongly motivates us to further improve our processes, user experience, and customer service. It also confirms what we can clearly see in the numbers – trust. More and more people who have made a decision to get a loan from our company are coming back to us.

You got a customer award in the Online Loans category. What do you do to distinguish your company from the huge competition in the market?

I would half-jokingly say that we do our best to get the job done. Indeed, the competition on the loan marketplace is tough. It is difficult to make your product stand out – most companies offer the first loan free of charge, all of them promise to provide the money instantly, and boast a smooth and easy loan application process. That is exactly what the customers expect and what we give them. But we don’t forget about them right after the money has been paid out and only remember them when the time comes to repay it. One of our customers said that he finds it extremely important to have a customer service representative who is familiar with him and his story, who knows who he is and that he can be trusted. We do our best to get to know all our borrowers to give them exactly what they expect. Do they need our assistance during the weekend? No problem – we have hired extra staff and our customer service office stays open on Saturdays and Sundays. Would they rather choose a bank loan with lower costs but their request may get rejected? We are developing an instalment product that is faster and more accessible than the one at the bank, and at the same time offers an attractive annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) and low instalments. We closely listen to our customers’ needs and are constantly developing, testing and changing to live up to their expectations.

The loans that you offer are easily accessible and the loan application can be filed anytime and anywhere. How does the process work and how do you assess individual applications?

We offer 100% of our loans online, which means that the entire process of application, identity verification, creditworthiness evaluation, and money payout takes place via the Internet. In order to do so, we use advanced technology, state-of-the-art apps, complex algorithms and scoring models, and automatic verification throughout available bases, such as the Credit Information Bureau. Complicated as it may sound, from the customer’s perspective the entire process is very simple – you fill in the form on our website and confirm the submitted application via your bank account using the secure Instantor app. The customer does not have to provide employment information or bank statements, which are usually required by traditional banks. As a result, the process is quick and we can transfer money to the customer’s account, even within 15 minutes.

Many companies from your industry have prepared an attractive offer for new clients. Can your regular borrowers count on something equally interesting?

It is no secret that our customers can get discounts of up to 50%. We say it loud and clear in the TV ad for a reason. While our competitors have focused mostly on winning new customers, we want the people who have trusted us before to return. That is why, from the very beginning, we are determined to create a positive customer experience for them with our brands. Our customer service ensures we take special care of them, and at the same time we meet our customers halfway when it comes to the low borrowing costs they expect. I remember a lady we interviewed during one of the surveys who said that our promotional offer was a fortunate twist of fate for her because she was just thinking about going on holiday. This evidence is just a perfect example of the fact that what we sell is not just money, but a chance to make your dreams come true. What our customers see as a “fortunate twist of fate” is merely a part of our strategy to stay close to their needs.

[source: „Strefa Gospodarki”, 29.07.2019]